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DW Ashton FamilyD.W. Ashton Catery is a family owned and operated business founded by Mary Nell Pittman in 2005.  The company was named after her three children, Drew, Ashley and Clayton.  Mary Nell's children have and always will be her inspiration!  D.W. Ashton Catery offers unmatched personalization at our venue and off site.  Mary Nell and her staff have built a solid reputation on the service they provide to each of their clients.There is a sincere desire to build relationships one event at a time.  You are invited to enjoy an appealing setting while experiencing southern hospitality at its best.

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Food & Location Set
D.W. Ashton Catery Apart

Ready to host dinners, birthday parties and even corporate meetings, Alachua has a new venue in town. While many traditional catering companies provide out-of-house services, D.W. Ashton Catery gives customers the option of hosting events at their Main Street location.